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Mary Matha English School situated in the heart of Cheruthazham village, Kannur District, started functioning in 1997 at Pilathara is run by the Diocese of Kannur. His Excellency Most Rev.Dr.Alex vadakkumthala is the Patron and Rev.Fr.Joy Painadath is the present Manager of the school. Committed to the noble cause of forming true citizens with academic excellence, social commitment, true spiritual and moral values, admirable human skills and genuine patriotism is the goal of our education. A large campus, artistic building structure, transport facilities, well equipped Labs for Science, Mathematics and computer, Library with large number of books and periodicals and competent faculty are some of the attractions of our school. The Manager, Principal and the Staff inculcate in our students a genuine commitment to life, to people and to the nature that sustains us.

Through formal and informal evaluation, Scholarship and Talent Search Examinations, Value Education, Physical Education, relevant seminars to reinforce academic brilliance, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like Dance, Craft and drawing we ensure the holistic growth of the students. Various Associations, Clubs, Disaster management team are some of the initiatives towards attaining this goal.